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Elite Kickball Rules

Official Kickball Rules

• Each team must have a minimum of 6 players to start a game. (MUST HAVE A CATCHER) If you do not have your 8 players at the start of the game then your team will play short.
• This is an 18 and Over Co-Ed league. Teams MUST have a minimum of 3 females per team, per game. If you have only two females for a game then you have to play one male down on defense and offense. If there is only 1 female then your team must play short.
• Every player on the field must be on the roster with a waiver signed. If you are not on the roster then you WILL NOT play. Subs must pay $10.00 fee each game they play even if the team is paid in full.


• Each game will be 7 innings or 55 minutes long, whichever comes first.
• The top of the last inning will not count unless the bottom is played as well.
• The umpire will be aware of “stalling”. If a team is caught “stalling”, they will receive a warning from the umpire. The second warning will result in a forfeit for the stalling team.
• There will be a 6 run limit per half inning.


• Each team is allowed only 8 defensive players on the field at a time. This will include: catcher, pitcher, 1B, 2B, 3B, and three out fielders. (If you are short players then you must fill up the infield bases first)
• Outfielders must stay 5 feet away from infield until the ball is kicked.
• Infielders must stay behind the base path until the ball is kicked.
• If a player intentionally drops a fly ball, the runners will all be called safe. Umpires discretion.
• If a fielder intentionally interferes with a base runner, the base runner will be awarded the base they were running to by the umpire.


• Every batter will start with a 1 strike 1 ball count.
• Ball must be thrown underhand.
• The strike zone will be 1 foot off the ground and 1 foot on either side of the plate.


• In the event of a full count, the batter may not foul off more than 1 pitch or else they will be called out.
• NO bunting will be allowed! Bunting will result in a called strike; the second offense will result in an automatic out.
• There will be no home runs lines or markings. The only way to score a home run is to put the ball in play and run all of the bases.
• Sliding will be allowed, but please be safe. If there are any forms of unsafe sliding, the player will be automatically ejected. (ie. Purposely trying to hurt or injure an opposing players knees or ankles)
• There will be no leadoffs or stealing allowed. The base runner must remain touching the base until the ball is kicked. If a base runner is caught stealing or leading off, the play will be called dead and they must return to the base. If the base runner is caught a second time, they will be called out.
• If the ball is caught in the air, the base runner must “tag up” in order to advance to the next base.
• All ties will go to the runner

How to get an OUT:

• An OUT can be made by:
 Batter striking out
 Catching a fly ball (Balls may be caught in foul territory)
 Throwing the ball and hitting the base runner while they are off the base
 Defending player tagging the base before the runner gets there with the ball in full possession
• Force plays will be the same as regular softball or baseball
• There will be NO targeting the opposing players head or neck with the ball. If a base runner is hit in the head or neck, they will be called safe by the umpire. The base runner may not intentionally attempt to get hit in the neck or head. If this happens the umpire will call the base runner out.
• The ball can be played off the outfield walls. If the ball bounces off the outfield wall, it may be caught for an out.
• Time will be called when the pitcher has the ball at the pitcher’s mound.
• If the pitcher gets the ball in the pitching area, the running may advance to the base they were running to if they are more than half way there. The umpire will determine if they have to go back to the previous base if they are not half way.


This is meant to be fun for everybody participating! Please be respectful of the other team, umpires, and Elite staff!