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League Policies & Procedures

Adult Indoor League Policies and Procedures:

Updated Dec 2019.  ALL adult teams wishing to participate in our leagues must register their teams by sending an email to [email protected].  A link will be sent to the team captain where he can upload the players into our registration system.  All players will pay online unless previously agreed to by Elite.

Team registration must be submitted no later than 7 days prior to the start of any league. Late registrations will be accepted at the discretion of management on a case to case basis provided there is room remaining in that league.

League Fees:
All team fees are due in full no later than the 2nd game of the session. Any team with an outstanding balance at this time should expect that their remaining balance will be charged to the credit card kept on file unless other arrangements are made at time of registration. Any team not paid in full will be removed from the schedule and all funds paid to date will be retained by Elite Indoor Sports. Deposits (if any) will not be refunded in the case of a non-payment by the deadline indicated.

Session fees include: 8 games, 50 minutes in length (unless otherwise advertised), scheduling, officiating and field time.

Cancellation Policy:
Any team withdrawing from a league prior to the schedule being published will incur a $25 withdrawal fee. Any withdrawal after the schedule has been published or the league has started will forfeit their deposit and any other fees collected toward the session balance.

Team Rosters:
Team captains are responsible for uploading their players into Elite’s online registration system. Written instructions on how to do this will be provided upon team registration.

All players placed on a roster must fall within the age guidelines for the league they are participating in. Players must meet the age requirements for the league within the session dates. Any team found playing with players in violation of age requirements for their respective league should expect the following consequences:

1st offense: game forfeit
2nd offense: 1 game suspension in addition to a forfeit of the game in question
3rd offense: expulsion from the remainder of the league with no refund of session fee.

Management reserves the right to extend exclusion from any future leagues based on severity of offense.

Game Cancellations:
As a courtesy to your opponents, we ask that teams do not cancel or not show for games. We rarely have open field time during our peak season, therefore, it is our policy to forego reschedules. In the event that a cancellation is unavoidable, we request that all cancellation notices are given no less than 24-36 hours in advance. 48 hours is preferred as that it may allow us to replace the cancelling team with another team in the league so your opponents do not miss out on a game.

In the event that Elite Indoor Sports may have to cancel a game due to inclement weather, power outages, etc, we will make every attempt to reschedule games

Elite Indoor Sports reserves the right to forfeit any team/person from any league/program for failure to follow any of the policies and procedures outlined here within without refund of deposits/session fees.

Teams submitting false or incomplete rosters will face required forfeit for any game under which they play until the roster is complete and accurate.

Teams will have up to 10 minutes after the start of a scheduled game to field a team with no less than 6 players. The clock will start at the scheduled game time regardless of the number of people a team has ready to play at that time. Coed teams are required to have 2 females on the field at all times. Coed teams starting the game short of players must have 2 female players on the field at the start of a game. Any team not able to field 6 players for the start of a game, will forfeit the game in question. Teams may borrow players from other teams within their own league providing that the opposing team captain is in agreement.  Teams/players exhibiting overly aggressive play, fighting by players, coaches or associated fans, blatant fouls and repetitive displays of unsportsmanlike conduct are grounds for forced forfeiture. Forfeiture based on this behavior is subject to the discretion of the management and referees Elite Indoor Sports.

Refunds will not be given for forfeited games for either team involved. Management may make efforts to reschedule for the opponents based on availability.

It is rare that we will give refunds once league play has started. Refunds of session fees will be left to the discretion of management. Refunds will not be given on deposits for league registrations if the date of withdrawal is within 1 week of the start of a league. Full refunds will be given in the event that a program/league/tournament does not have enough participants enrolled to occur which will result in the cancellation of the league.

Scheduling Requests:
Elite Indoor Sports does not accept scheduling requests from teams for EARLY GAMES ONLY based on there being a limited time frame for games which includes 11:00 start times. We respectfully request that if you cannot agree to play late games, you should consider not registering for our leagues. We expect that teams share the burden of these later game times, thus eliminating an abundance of them for any team. By granting an early game for one team, another team is forced into more than their share of late games. When scheduling we will do our best to distribute these late times as evenly as possible among participating teams.