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Train and Play

Winter 2019-2020

Session # 1 – November 9 – December 21 ( $95 / 7 week session)

Session # 2 – December 28 – February 15 ($110 / 8 week session)

Session # 3 – February 22 – April 4 ($95 / 7 week session)

The Elite Winter Train and Play program has been around for years and as such it has become a massive hit with the local youth soccer player. Great coaches, great staff, well organised schedules make this just some of the reasons why players and parents alike come back time after time.

We have three sessions for you to choose from. Simply click the links above to start registering. Please note that registration numbers are limited.

In session 1 and 3, players will be randomly placed with a coach who will teach individual technical skills for 30 minutes followed by a game or variations of the game depending on the technical subject.

Session 2 will be set up similar to a league and will play 5 v 5 or 6 v 6 games. Players will have a ‘play in day’ on the first week, players will then be placed onto even teams (no requests), scores and standings will be kept for FUN! and FUN only!

Please note that we reserve the right to adjust the times and formats based on registration numbers.