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Elite Youth Soccer League

Spring 2017 Season Registration Now Open!

If you register for the full season, your child will be enrolled in both the FALL (2016) and SPRING (2017) sessions. You can elect to play in the fall only or the spring only seasons.


June 17th, 2016-July 29th, 2016 Open Registration
July 30th, 2016-September 1, 2016 – Late registration fee of $10.00 added and roster spots are NOT guaranteed. They will be based on team needs only (SPECIAL REQUESTS not available during this time) All registrations will be made electronically using the website. Visit www.eliteyouthsoccer.com and follow the prompts to register your child.


FALL 2016 – Fall season starts the week of September 5th,2016 and ends on October 29th, 2016

SPRING 2017 – Spring season starts Monday, April 17th, 2017 and ends on Saturday June 17th, 2017 – NO GAMES PLAYED MEMORIAL WEEKEND


Age groups will follow the new US Soccer guidelines and will be based on the birth year. Players are encouraged to stay in their respective age group to achieve the best possible success. Players looking to play in an older age group will be limited to one year older than their birth year. In our inaugural year, all age groups will assume to be COED unless there is enough of each gender to complete a league. See the following age groups.

Birth Year Age Group Playing Grid
6 and Under 4v4 with no goalies

9 and Under 7v7 with goalies

12 and Under 7v7 with goalies


Spring only Season $130.00

Registration includes:
Licensed coach. Directed by Elite coaching director Carl Territo Jr.
Full Uniform Kit – (Jersey, Shorts and Socks).
Size appropriate soccer ball.
A drawstring sack bag.
Referee costs
Climate controlled playing venue. (no rain outs)


Fall: There will be 8 games played on Saturdays and Sunday.
Spring: There will be 8 games played on Saturdays and Sunday.


All teams are coached by licensed coaches. Teams will practice once a week that will be scheduled by Elite Indoor Sports. Practice days will be determined by size of each age group. Teams will practice a minimum of 8 times per season and will take place Monday thru Friday.

There are absolutely NO refunds – for ANY REASON after July 29th, 2016 for the Full Season/Fall Only Registrations. Refund requests before July 29th will be assessed a $15.00 administration fee.

Players can elect to play with a friend, relative, or with school mates. In the 2016 registration period, there will be a maximum of 3 players that you can request to play with. Simply type your request in the comment section on the registration page.

Click here to register!